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Why our singers love working with our vocal method
Transform Your Voice

Increase your vocal range, find power, control and precision. Sing high notes with ease and find vocal freedom. Gain all of the above and keep your own style of singing that best suits your voice.

Fast Track Your Growth

 Working closely with the vastly experienced Daniel Lee, you’ll fast track your growth in singing. With a proven track record of nurturing singers from beginners to professionals, Daniel ensures your potential is met and exceeded. 

Visible Results

Expect compelling, visible results. You’ll see improvements in your vocal range, control, power and high notes.  Through our tailored approach, you’ll notice significant improvements, not just in your technique, but also in your confidence and style.

How things started...

I was told I could not sing AT ALL

Believe it or not, almost 20 years ago, I wasn’t even able to sing at all. In fact, when I auditioned for choir in secondary school, my teacher advised that I shouldn’t consider singing as a potential career. – I just didn’t have the voice for it.

No matter how hard I tried my voice would constantly strain and break as I try to hit high notes. I was struggling with so many vocal problems that people have told me to give up. I was jealous of those around me who sang better than me that I thought there MUST be a better way. 

I looked for help

I was just doing it WRONG

I decided to look for help and I’ve found the Singing Success method developed by Brett Manning (vocal coach to Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Miley Cyrus and many more).

After studying with my Brett and his skilled associate teachers, I gained a great increase in my vocal range, power, and stamina. I’ve also got rid of ALL the strain, frustration and vocal cracks.

Next thing I knew

I was the one helping others out

As the years pass by, I’ve developed a long list of satisfied clients, half of which are professional performers who rely a lot on their voice to make a living and the other half being just casual singers who just want to be able to sing better without losing their voice in karaoke.

Regardless of level, all of my students find an increase of at least HALF AN OCTAVE in their vocal range within the very first lesson.

NOT JUST Another Singing Teacher

Having taught for other music schools and privately, my students (and mentor!) convinced me to start my own studio as they were confident I would succeed on my own. That’s how “Sing Your Way Home” was born. 

I have had students who have studied with other teachers/school for years who said that they’ve learned way more in 30 mins with me than they did over that period with their previous instructors. I believe in being EFFECTIVE.

It has been 4 years since Sing Your Way Home was founded. Word of mouth has spread across all my clients, as well as the people in the music industry, telling everyone how much my 10 years of experience of fixing and growing voices faster and better any others teachers have been proven time and time again.

Within the first year of starting Sing Your Way Home, we got a mention on The Straits Times.